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Radio Read Meters

Radio read meters have been around for about 10 years.  They have evolved into a cost effective way to collect data.  We chose to start this program for a number of reasons.  In the past, we have had issues with not being able to read meters in the deep snow.  Because these meters are read remotely, they can be read in any weather.  This system also provides leak detection.  It provides us with a report each month showing meters that have detected high leaks.  During the first full month of operation, we read about 130 meters 6 of which reported having a high leak.  The majority of the time the report will show to the nearest hour when the leak started and when and if it was fixed.

The program is scheduled to take 8 years to implement.  This is primarily because of the projected meter life.  AMR meters have a warranty for 20 years.   By purchasing them over a period of 8 years, we can lessen the financial impact when they start needing to be replace.  


Mueller AMR Meter.png
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