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Our Cross Connection Control Program

We provide some of the cleanest and purest drinking water in Oregon.  We deliver our water fresh from the ground to our members without any filtering or treatment.  Our standard is to continue to provide that same quality of water for years to come.


To keep these standards, in 2013 CRRWater Co. along with the Oregon Public Utility Commission adopted a policy that requires a backflow assembly that meets the companies install standards on every property we serve. Owners that had a backflow assembly before April of 2013 where grandfathered into the program until the ownership changed.  Any property that is sold is required to upgrade to a backflow assembly that meets the company standard and belongs to the company. It is also the policy of the company that any backflow assembly installed after April of 2013 must be installed by the company to the company standard.


Backflow Card.jpg

CRRWater Co. Backflow Installation Standards

We require that all backflow assemblies installed after 2013 be installed by the company or someone authorized by the company.  Backflow assemblies will be installed in the same meter box as the water meter with the backflow assembly being before the meter between the meter and the water main.  

CRRWater Co. is responsible for the new assembly

All backflow assemblies that are installed by the company and meet the installation standards of the company are the responsibility of the company. All annual testing, repairs, and maintenance will be done by the company at no additional cost to the member.  

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