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DATE: February 16, 2023

Crooked River Ranch Water Company submitted a general rate filing to the Commission on February 16, 2023. We are seeking to increase our annual revenue by $370,571 above the $1,015,402 we collected in 2022. The purpose of this announcement is to provide you with general information regarding the proposed rates and the effect the filing may have on you.

We anticipate the increase will change the average monthly water service rates as follows:


Meter Size

5/8" & 3/4"






Current Average Monthly Bill







Proposed Average Monthly Bill






Meter Size

5/8" & 3/4"






Current Average Monthly Bill







Proposed Average Monthly Bill





Crooked River Ranch Water Company is seeking the above increase in rates for a number of reasons. It has been 8 years since we last adjusted our rates. A lot has happened over the past 8 years, and we have seen a large increase in expenses.


Also, for the last 12 years, we have enjoyed the flexibility of having Avion always available to us anytime we needed them. This allowed us to operate the company with minimal field staff. This allowed us to make repairs quickly and keep water downtime to a minimum. Back in September, Avion notified us that they could no longer provide us with that service. They were getting too big and couldn’t pull their guys away at a moment’s notice. We needed to make changes in the company so that we could continue to make repairs quickly and have the staff available when we needed them. This required us to bring on 2 additional field staff and create a field supervisor position. Along with additional personnel, we added needed equipment to help with our day-to-day activities and respond to emergencies anytime, including nights and weekends.

Copies of CRRWater’s application, testimony, and exhibits are available by contacting our office at (541) 923-1041, emailing or click here. For additional information about the rate filing, you can contact us: ✉ ☏ (541) 923-1041 

To receive notices of the time and place of hearings on the matter, contact the PUC at (800) 522-2404; TTY 711, or mail a request to:

                                                                              Public Utility Commission of Oregon

                                                                              Administrative Hearings Division

                                                                              PO Box 1088

                                                                              Salem Or 97308-1088

The Calculations and statements contained in the water utility’s announcement and filling are not binding on the Commission.

Crooked River Ranch Water Co.

Serving you since 1977

The water system started construction in 1973 by Bill MacPherson and was completed in 1988 at the cost of 1 million dollars.  At that time, the water system served 450 homes but was capable of serving 1200 homes.   In 1978 Crooked River Ranch Water Company was separated from the original development and became its own company.  Today we serve over 1600 homes, and we deliver over 200 million gallons of water annually to our members. 


Our water is delivered to our members unfiltered and with no chemicals added.  In 2014 and 2020 our water was voted the best tasting water in Oregon.  There are 2 wells in operation today. Well 5 is our newest well and is over 1000' deep and produces 1200 gallons a minute.  Well 4 was built in 1997, it is over 900' deep and produces 700 gallons a minute.  


The water tower serves as our sole storage facility. Built-in 2016 by Landmark Structure, this water tower was the first of its kind in Oregon.   The tower holds just over 1 million gallons of water and stands 120' tall.  

2023 Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings

February 15th
May 10th

Meeting Location: CRRWater Office

Meeting Time: 3pm 

Annual Meetings

August 19th, 2023 at MacPherson Park. Start after HOA meeting around 10am. 

Click here for more Board Information and Bord Meeting Minutes.

Office Closed to Walk-In

Staff is available from 8am to 4:30pm by calling our office at (541) 923-1041

To make a payment:

  • Dropbox located on the street side of the parking lot.

  • Calling (541) 923-1041

  • Click on Pay My Bill

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