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May Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Water Company Office

Meeting Topics: PUC Compliance Audit Review, Financial Audit Review, Low Customer Portal participation

Meeting Video Link: 

Microsoft Teams

Join the meeting now

Meeting ID: 232 697 623 094

Passcode: CvZK5L

Your Water Company Town Hall
Stay Tuned
Water Company Office | Hosted by Frank Day

Customer Portal
Insight into how you use water

Our members can now monitor their own water usage through our Customer Portal by Dropcountr. It’s easy to use, and there is no extra charge to sign up.

This new portal will put you in charge of your own water usage. Monitor for leaks, know the approximate cost of water, set up alerts for high usage and high costs, and know if water us used while you are away.

We will also be using this system to contact our member in an emergency for boil water notices, or planned outages, etc. We encourage all of the adults it the residence to sign up so everyone can be aware of important notices. This portal supports multiple people per account and multiple accounts per person. Be informed, sign up today.  

Scan or click the QR code to download the app.


Dropcountr only works on an Android or Apple device. 

How to sign up

  • Scan the QR code and chose between Apple and Android. It will take you to an app that you can download.

  • Follow the directions on the screen. You will need your account number. Your account number can be found on the top righthand corner of your bill. You can also call the office and we will be happy to look it up for you.

  • Once you are logged in, first thing you should do is go to My Account.

Set up your My Account Page

  • My Info - Ensure that your email and cell phone number is filled in. Make sure that SMS is marked ON.

  • Site Profile - adjust the occupancy.

  • Notifications - Ensure that Leak Alerts, Utility Alerts are turned on. You can turn others on if you think you will need them. They can be changed later. Click on each notification and be sure Email, Push, and SMS are all blue.

  • Cost Threshold - If you want to change the setting click on edit.

  • Usage Threshold Alerts - This is where you can change when you are alerted for water usage. As an example, if you are away for a long period of time you can set this to 1 gallon over 1 day and it will send you an alert if you exceed that threshold.

Special Notes

  • Dropcountr reports in Gallons and your water bill is in Cubic Feet. Water usage is billed at 1.51 per 100 Cubic Feet or 748 gallons.  

  • When looking at your monthly Itemized cost it is in gallons but the dollar amount is correct. Also note that the usage is for that month not from billing period to billing period. We read our meters on the 22nd of each month so the totals will be different.

  • Meters only report in once a day for the previous day. Readings from the current day are not available until after 10am the next day.

Crooked River Ranch Water Co.
Serving you since 1977

The water system started construction in 1973 by Bill MacPherson and was completed in 1988 at the cost of 1 million dollars.  At that time, the water system served 450 homes but was capable of serving 1200 homes.   In 1978 Crooked River Ranch Water Company was separated from the original development and became its own company.  Today we serve over 1600 homes, and we deliver over 200 million gallons of water annually to our members. 


Our water is delivered to our members unfiltered and with no chemicals added.  In 2014 and 2020 our water was voted the best tasting water in Oregon.  There are 2 wells in operation today. Well 5 is our newest well and is over 1000' deep and produces 1200 gallons a minute.  Well 4 was built in 1997, it is over 900' deep and produces 700 gallons a minute.  


The water tower serves as our sole storage facility. Built-in 2016 by Landmark Structure, this water tower was the first of its kind in Oregon.   The tower holds just over 1 million gallons of water and stands 120' tall.  

2024 Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings
January 17th

March 13th
May 15th
July 17th

September 11th
November 15th

Meeting Location: CRRWater Office

Meeting Time: 3pm 

Annual Meetings

To Be Determined

Time: 4:00 PM


Water Company Office


Click here for more Board Information and Board Meeting Minutes.

Meeting Schedule

Office Closed to Walk-In

Staff is available Monday - Thursday from 8am to 4:30pm by calling our office at (541) 923-1041

To make a payment:

  • Dropbox located on the street side of the parking lot.

  • Calling (541) 923-1041

  • Click on Pay My Bill

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